Portland Paddlers Official Butterfly Jersey

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Paddle on! This is the same Butterfly jersey worn by Portland's franchise in official MLTT match play.

The comfortable Mesh Mélange fiber provides supreme comfort, fit and breathability. The ultralight Mesh Mélange Material is highly functional for sportswear, allowing for free body movement range. Elasticity, ease of care, breathability and quick-drying, Mesh Mélange is a real jack of all trades.

  • Features a short collar and ribbed V-neck
  • Made of comfortable mesh mélange
  • Tailored towards supreme comfort
  • Highly functional and flexible fabrice provide a full range of motion
  • Made to meet the demands of professional table tennis players

Material: Lycra Mélange (100% Polyester)

Benefits of Mesh Mélange:

  • Breathable
  • Comfortable Stretch
  • Skin-Friendly
  • Wicking & Quick Dry
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