MLTT Official Jacket

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You can be part of the Major League Table Tennis inaugural season with our official jacket!

All textiles in the IZUMO family are tailored towards supreme wearing comfort using soft, skin friendly mélange, and functionality with a slim cut and flexible materials that provide a full range of motion. Izumo is labelled as "PRO" collection made to meet the demands of professional table tennis players as well as all other sports fans.

Sporty, chic and fitted towards comfort - the Izumo Jacket features a hoody, a long and durable zipper, zipped pockets, and an elastic waistband.

With a sporty fit, elastic waistband and zipped legs, the Izumo Pants completes the tracksuit and is made to complement the hoody.

Textiles made from Compact Fleece combine the soft wearing sensation of cotton with functional polyester fibers. It is warm and yet breathable and functional while easy to care for.

Please note that the Butterfly sizing is European.

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