Minor League Table Tennis

MLTT is excited to introduce a nationwide Minor League program in September! Interested clubs, please sign up!
  • Clubs will start setting up in May 2024.
  • Athlete enrollment opening in July 2024.
  • The inaugural season kicks off in September 2024 and will run for six months.
  • Matches are scheduled biweekly on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 2 leagues – Youth and Adult.
  • 4 teams of 5 players in each league.
  • Each match is worth 21 points.
  • Minimum of 4 players need to be available for a match.
  • Playing Format:
    • MLTT format.
    • 4 singles matches: 3 games, worth 1 point each. Total 12 points.
    • 1 Doubles: 3 games. Total 3 points.
    • 1 Golden Game: Total 6 points. 
      • 5 players will be paired, rotating after 4 points.
      • Example of uneven teams: Team 1 has 4 athletes (1A…4A) and Team 2 has 5 athletes (1B…5B). 
        • Match up for 5 rotations.: 1A x 1B, 2A x 2B, 3A x 3B, 4A x 4B, 1A x 5B. 
        • Next 5 rotations: 2A x 1B, 3A x 2B, 4A x 3B, 1A x 4B, 2A x 5B.
  • Non sanctioned USATT league.
  • Power Rating and Rankings system operated by MLTT.
  • Each match counts toward league standings.
  • Inter club regionals and nationals end of the season.
  • Opportunity to be recruited for as a free agent for MLTT.
  • $20 * number of matches per athlete
  • Includes:
    • League participation.
    • Team T-shirt.
  • MLTT will equip clubs with extensive support and resources:
  • Detailed playbooks and format training for launching successful leagues.
  • User-friendly scoring software and technology platforms.
  • Online registration management for handling athlete sign-ups and fee collection.
  • Official league uniforms featuring the MLTT team logos.
  • Continuous administrative support.
  • A dedicated MiLTT website for tracking team and athlete results, statistics, and rankings.
  • MLTT Social media and public relations support to enhance local outreach.


  • Fostering team spirit and sportsmanship
  • Enjoying a fun, competitive environment
  • Becoming integral members of the MLTT community
  • Enhancing skills through regular practice and matches
  • [Young Athletes] Unlocking opportunities for advancement in the sport, including potential scholarships and professional play
  • Enjoying perks at official MLTT league matches, such as discounted tickets and special events
  • Prizes, awards, and potential participation in regional, and national MLTT league championships.


  • Boosting revenue by retaining a significant portion of enrollment fees.
    • Clubs receive 80% of all DLP collected revenue registration fees.
    • MLTT retains 20% of administration costs.
  • Utilizing club facilities during off-peak hours for additional income.
  • Expanding club membership by introducing the sport to young athletes and family members.
  • Increase training opportunities
  • Generating new revenue streams through exclusive MLTT merchandise sales and Club merchandise (paddles etc.)
  • Gaining access to professional training resources and networking opportunities with top MLTT athletes and coaches
  • Increased visibility and engagement in the Community
  • National and International Club recognition as part of the association with MLTT

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