Major League Table Tennis Strikes Licensing Deal with Bally Live

Bally Live Licensing Deal

PRINCETON, NJ — Major League Table Tennis (MLTT), the first professional table tennis league in the USA, is thrilled to unveil a strategic licensed content distribution partnership with Bally Live.  Renowned for its innovative, co-ed team format, and the “Golden Game,” this deal marks a new chapter in MLTT’s journey of sports innovation. The collaboration with Bally Live will enhance global exposure and fan engagement, solidifying MLTT’s position as a trailblazer in modernizing table tennis.

“MLTT has quickly infused table tennis with a revitalized, inclusive perspective, delivering a spectacle of speed, strategy, and team-based competition,” said Flint Lane, MLTT Founder and Commissioner. “Partnering with Bally Live extends this vision globally, presenting our riveting matches to broader audiences through the exciting Bally Live app.”

“MLTT has transformed table tennis rapidly. With Bally Live, we’re excited to showcase MLTT’s engaging, innovative content, including the unique ‘Golden Game’ concept, to a worldwide audience,” Mitch Rubenstein, Vice President Production and Content, said.

Partnership Highlights:

  • Live Streaming: Instant access to live matches, including the “Golden Game.”
  • Exclusive Insights: Behind-the-scenes looks at MLTT’s strategies and personalities.
  • Worldwide Audience: Expanding MLTT’s reach to a global fan base.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Comprehensive coverage of events, player stories, and key moments.

Embracing the slogan “Think You’re Good?” — MLTT invites fans and players into a participatory dialogue, building a community that revels in the strategy, skill, and thrill of professional table tennis. Together, MLTT and Bally Live ensure every heartbeat of the vibrant, competitive table tennis world is mere clicks away.

About Major League Table Tennis

Major League Table Tennis (MLTT) was founded in 2023 by software entrepreneur and table tennis enthusiast, Flint Lane. Flint and his wife Kathy own two table tennis clubs, Princeton Pong and Naples Pong. Flint previously served on the USATT Clubs Committee.

About Bally Live

Bally Live leads in live sports streaming, delivering premium, live sporting content to global audiences, offering a rich, dynamic viewing platform that provides unmatched access to live events and exclusive content.

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